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postgis (2.5.2+dfsg-1) autopkgtest failure

postgis (2.5.2+dfsg-1) cannot migrate to testing due to autopkgtest failures, both for postgis itself as well as geoalchemy2.

Both issues seem to be caused by the -scripts packages not being installed any more, as it's not a strict dependency and only recommended.

The fix for Debian is easy, just upgrade Recommends to Depends.

But this will make pgapt unhappy, as they won't be able to co-install for other postgresql versions any more.

Not being a fan of autopkgtest, I'm tempted to just drop the autopkgtests, but that doesn't get geoalchemy2 to pass its autopkgtest.

We can also add the -scripts package to the dependencies in the autopkgtest control file, but that also doesn't fix the geoalchemy2 test failures.

Christoph, how bad would it be for pgapt if we change the Recommends to Depends?

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