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Re: debian/7.6.0-1_exp1 (why exp)

On 1/18/19 5:17 PM, Martin Landa wrote:
> GRASS 7.6.0 debian tag contains 'exp' word. This convention has been
> used for RCs. Normal release has been not tagged by 'exp'.

For the record, the ~exp<N> convention is for uploads to experimental.
Whether those are upstream pre-releases or final releases.

As explained in the GRASS 7.6.0 thread, I'm waiting for testing
migration of 7.4.4 before I consider moving 7.6.0 to unstable.

The same goes for todays QGIS 2.18.28 release, it will stay in
experimental until the revision for GRASS 7.4.4 has migrated to testing,
to not delay testing migration of the packages updated for GRASS 7.4.4.

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