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Re: GRASS GIS 7.6.0 released

On 1/18/19 12:32 PM, Markus Neteler wrote:
> We are pleased to announce the new major release, GRASS GIS 7.6.0.
> We would like to kindly ask you to package the new version:

It's already in experimental, see:


I'm going to wait for testing migration of 7.4.4 before considering
moving 7.6.0 to unstable.

With 7.4 being an LTS it's a better candidate for the upcoming buster
stable release than 7.6. It will be easier to cherry-pick fixes for
possible stable updates, but so far we've haven't done those.

I'll leave it up to actual users of the grass package in Debian stable
which version they prefer in buster. If no one speaks up 7.4.4 will be
the version in buster.

Kind Regards,


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