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Re: Newbie questions on packaging opencpn

On 8/23/18 8:36 PM, Alec Leamas wrote:
> On 23/08/18 20:33, Alec Leamas wrote:
>> I have started an attempt to package opencpn[1]. This is the second one,
>> and perhaps it's more work than I'm able to do. But I'll try.
>> After some questions on devel I got a hint to contact this group about
>> maintenance. At this point, it really boils down to the Maintainer
>> fields in d/control. So, long story short, what's your thoughts about this?

It's fine to keep it here. As mentioned before OSGeoLive still includes
opencpn and they take the bulk of their packages from Debian GIS.

>> Also, I have just filed some dependency ITPs. Is there a role for the
>> gis group maintaining those even if they strictly speaking not are gis
>> software?

We have more packages that are not strictly GIS in team, but having a
package in a team is always better than not. As it is easier for other
contributors to get involved, without having to become an official
maintainer or uploader.

Please note that the Debian GIS team has very few active contributors,
so don't get the wrong impression that there are many people here to
co-maintain the package with you. You will be primarily responsible for
the package, just as you would be outside of a team.

Kind Regards,


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