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Re: Co-installable netCDF


On 30/04/2018 15:56, Alastair McKinstry wrote:

On 30/04/2018 15:46, Bas Couwenberg wrote:
On 2018-04-30 16:05, Bas Couwenberg wrote:

If you want to get a parallel enabled netcdf into buster, you'll need
maintain a fork of the netcdf package (e.g. netcdf-parallel) which
provides the MPI and pnetcdf variants, but not the serial variant when
it conflicts with the libraries built from the netcdf source package.

Since I'm not willing to have parallel changes in the netcdf Debian
package that are unsupported by upstream, that's probably the best

Reverse dependencies of netcdf can then switch to your netcdf-parallel
package if they want parallel support. Everyone else can keep using
the netcdf package without parallel support.

Kind Regards,

Unfortunately I don't think that would work.

Packages such as VisIT with multiple plugins (NetCDF, ADIOS, etc. ) will
end up pulling in both netcdf libraries.
ADIOS, etc. expect to be MPI-enabled and normally uses parallel NetCDF;
a standard serial NetCDF is needed to support compression.

If serial NetCDF is supplied without versioned symbols, it will collide
and cause errors.
I've been thinking about this again, and I think on the buster timescale you're right.

I'll create a netcdf-parallel fork with the MPI and pnetcdf variants (and not serial). You won't be able to do plugins for eg. visit with both MPI and serial netcdf simultaneously, but
I can work on that.

I'll simultaneously work to get versioned symbols accepted upstream

The best solution is to get versioned symbols supported upstream. I'll
prepare (a) patch(es).


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