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Re: CREATE EXTENSION postgis_sfcgal;

On 2018-06-29 08:48, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
apparently the extension postgis_sfcgal is not available on Debian, and
installing it is not trivial:
Are there any plans to add a package? Is there anyone who attempted to
install and can share his recipe?

SFCGAL was broken with the recent updates to CGAL 4.11 and once that was fixed it broke again with the update to CGAL 4.12.

That is now fixed, but postgis hasn't been (re)built with SFCGAL support.

Since the recent fixes to SFCGAL were all done by a CGAL developer, I think that if SFCGAL is to have a future it needs to be incorporated into CGAL.

If sfcgal doesn't break again in the mean time, the next postgis package update will likely have the support enabled again, but it will be removed again when sfcgal breaks.

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