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Re: GDAL 2.3.0

On 04/24/2018 09:53 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 04/23/2018 06:31 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 04/20/2018 04:43 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>>> The virtual ABI dependency has been updated to gdal-abi-2-3-0, so a
>>> transition will be required. Once the updated gdal package is available
>>> in experimental I'll do a round of rebuilds to see if anything breaks.
>> liblas FTBFS as discussed elsewhere in this thread. That has all been
>> fixed in experimental to unblock the libgdal-grass build.
>> mysql-workbench FTBFS due to -Werror=deprecated-declarations which is
>> easily worked around.
>> opencv cannot be built because openmpi installation is currently broken
>> (#896189), this also block the otb & saga rebuilds.
>> pktools needed a patch like liblas to use C++11 instead of of C++98, the
>> changes have been commited in git, but a not uploaded to experimental yet.
> pktools ( is now in unstable and ready to be binNMUed as
> part of the transition.
>> Hopefully openmpi issue is fixed soon, so the remaining packages can be
>> rebuilt too. It looks pretty good so far.
> The openmpi issue has been fixed, although it FTBFS on i386, we can at
> least continue with the test rebuilds on amd64.
>> The packages that FTBFS are tracked with the gdal-2.3 usertag:
>>  https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=gdal-2.3;users=debian-gis@lists.debian.org
> opencv built successfully, but otb FTBFS due to template issues. (#896837)
> saga also built successfully.

otb was fixed upstream yesterday, and the patch has been included in the
package fixing the build failure.

Transition: gdal

 libgdal20 (2.2.4+dfsg-1) -> libgdal20 (2.3.0~beta1+dfsg-2~exp1)
 gdal-abi-2-2-3           -> gdal-abi-2-3-0

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 dans-gdal-scripts       (0.24-1)                       OK
 fiona                   (1.7.10-1)                     OK
 gazebo                  (9.0.0+dfsg5-4)                OK
 gmt                     (5.4.3+dfsg-1)                 SKIP (no C++)
 imposm                  (2.6.0+ds-4)                   SKIP (no C++)
 libcitygml              (2.0.9-1)                      OK
 liblas                  (1.8.1-6 / 1.8.1-7~exp1)       FTBFS / OK
 libosmium               (2.14.0-1)                     SKIP (no C++)
 mapcache                (1.6.1-1)                      SKIP (no C++)
 mapnik                  (3.0.20+ds-1)                  OK
 mapproxy                (1.11.0-1)                     SKIP (no C++)
 mapserver               (7.0.7-1)                      SKIP (no C++)
 merkaartor              (0.18.3+ds-3)                  OK
 mysql-workbench         (6.3.10+dfsg-2)                FTBFS (#896577)
 ncl                     (6.4.0-9)                      SKIP (no C++)
 node-srs                (0.4.8+dfsg-3)                 OK
 octave-mapping          (1.2.1-3)                      OK
 openorienteering-mapper (                    SKIP (no C++)
 openscenegraph          (3.2.3+dfsg1-2)                OK
 pdal                    (0.7.1-1)                      OK
 pgsql-ogr-fdw           (1.0.5-2)                      SKIP (no C++)
 postgis                 (2.4.4+dfsg-1)                 SKIP (no C++)
 pprepair                (0.0~20170614-dd91a21-1)       OK
 prepair                 (0.7.1-1)                      OK
 python-django           (1:1.11.12-1)                  SKIP (no C++)
 qlandkartegt            (1.8.1+ds-8)                   OK
 qmapshack               (1.11.1-1)                     OK
 rasterio                (0.36.0-2)                     OK
 sumo                    (0.32.0+dfsg1-1)               OK
 thuban                  (1.2.2-12)                     OK
 vtk6                    (6.3.0+dfsg1-11)               OK
 vtk7                    (7.1.1+dfsg1-3)                OK
 xastir                  (2.1.0-1)                      SKIP (no C++)

 cloudcompare            (2.9.1+git20180223-1)          SKIP (no C++)
 grass                   (7.4.0-1)                      SKIP (no C++)
 opencv                  (3.2.0+dfsg-4)                 OK
 openscenegraph-3.4      (3.4.1+dfsg1-3)                OK
 osmcoastline            (2.1.4-2)                      OK
 pktools                 (                 OK
 pyosmium                (2.14.0-1)                     SKIP (no C++)

 libgdal-grass           (2.2.4-1 / 2.3.0~beta1-1~exp1) FTBFS / OK
 osgearth                (2.9.0+dfsg-1)                 OK
 otb                     (6.4.0+dfsg-2)                 OK
 qgis                    (2.18.19+dfsg-1)               OK
 saga                    (2.3.1+dfsg-3)                 OK

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