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Re: Migration from Alioth to Salsa

On 12/26/2017 11:08 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Currently I've granted all member Developer permissions because this is
> required to allow pushing to the repositories. Only the Master & Owner
> permissions allow creating new repositories. This is more limited than
> on Alioth, and not ideal. I don't want to be the single point of failure
> for the debian-gis-team on Salsa like David was for the OSM team on
> Alioth. We'll need more Owners who can use those permissions
> responsibly. And preferably allow all members to create new repositories
> in the debian-gis-team namespace.

All DDs that are reasonably active in the team have gotten Master
permission in the debian-gis-team, this allows them among others to
create repositories and they get notifications for membership requests.

All -guest members should not get higher privileges than Developer,
unless they are very active in packaging new projects for which
repositories need to be created.

Membership requests of unknown people must only get Guest permissions.

Unfortunately the Request membership feature in GitLab does not contain
a text field for more information, and there is no email address to
contact the requester. Hence the membership requests lack context why
they want to join. I'm tempted to disable the Request access feature to
force membership requests to be sent to the mailing list, for now I'm
leaving it as-is.

When creating new repositories, the salsa-create-repository.pl script
must be used, which like its setup-repository predecessor on Alioth
configures the hooks and other repository properties correctly, as
documented in the team policy:


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