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Re: Migration from Alioth to Salsa

On 12/26/2017 11:08 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Yesterday I started to import the git repositories from Alioth manually,
> because I didn't find a comfortable API. Today I continued using
> Christoph Bergs salsa-import script [1]. Importing large repositories
> (e.g. gdal, mapnik, etc) tends to fail, which requires creating the bare
> repository manually and pusing all branches and tags to Salsa from a
> checkout. At the time of writing the imports for the qgis &
> qgis-upstream repositories in still in progress, and these are likely to
> fail as well.

Now that the SSL issues with the GitLab pages have been fixed. It's a
good time to migrate to Salsa officially.

All the repositories on Alioth have been locked, they don't accept
pushes any more, and show a message that the repository has been moved
to Salsa.

Please update your working copies by changing the origin URL:

 git remote set-url origin \

 git remote set-url --push origin \

Instead of <package> you can use $(basename $(pwd)) if working copy
directory matches the repository name.

Kind Regards,


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