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Re: PROJ 5.0.0

On 02/11/2018 06:06 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 02/10/2018 11:07 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> libgeo-proj4-perl & pdl FTBFS because they include projects.h conflicts
>> with headers from Perl. After discussion this issue the typedefs in proj
>> were prefixed with 'PJ_' which should resolve this issue.
> The upstream patch was included in proj (5.0.0~rc2-1~exp3) and both
> libgeo-proj4-perl & pdl built successfully with it.
>> proj-rdnap doesn't actually FTBFS, the cs2cs commands from the test
>> script cause 100% CPU usage but don't actually succeed. [1]
> The patch for this issue has been included in proj (5.0.0~rc2-1~exp4)
> and also confirmed to fix the test failures in proj-rdnap.

The patches are included in RC3, but the test failures on some of the
non-amd64 architectures that were fixed before are failing again. For
now I'll ignore the test failures on those architectures too.

libproj-proj4-perl, pdl & proj-rdnap also build successfully with RC3.

The postgis FTBFS is the most serious blocker, but that test failure is
relatively easy to patch out. If there is no upstream patch before the
proj transition starts I'll patch out the two failing tests to avoid the
need for removal from testing of postgis.

ncl initially built successfully, but now FTBFS due to unrelated changes
in unstable.

Transition: proj

 libproj12 (4.9.3-2) -> libproj13 (5.0.0~rc3-1~exp1)

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 gpx2shp                 (0.71.0-4)                   OK
 libgeo-proj4-perl       (1.09-1)                     OK
 libgeotiff-dfsg         (1.4.2-2)                    OK
 octave-octproj          (1.1.5-3)                    OK
 ogdi-dfsg               (3.2.0+ds-2)                 OK
 pdl                     (1:2.018-2)                  OK
 proj-rdnap              (2008-7)                     OK
 python-cartopy          (0.14.2+dfsg1-2)             FTBFS (#889931)
 python-pyproj           (                  OK
 shapelib                (1.4.1-1)                    OK
 sosi2osm                (1.0.0-3)                    OK
 spatialite              (4.3.0a-5)                   OK
 survex                  (1.2.32-1)                   FTBFS (#889936)
 zygrib                  (8.0.1+dfsg.1-1)             OK

 gdal                    (2.2.3+dfsg-2)               OK
 magics++                (3.0.0-1)                    OK
 pyspatialite            (3.0.1-12)                   OK
 spatialite-gui          (2.0.0~devel2-8)             OK
 spatialite-tools        (4.3.0-2)                    OK

 cdo                     (1.9.3+dfsg.1-1)             OK
 dans-gdal-scripts       (0.24-1)                     OK
 grass                   (7.4.0-1)                    OK
 libosmium               (2.13.1-1)                   OK
 mapcache                (1.6.1-1)                    OK
 mapnik                  (3.0.18+ds-1)                OK
 mapserver               (7.0.7-1)                    OK
 merkaartor              (0.18.3+ds-2)                OK
 metview                 (5.0.0~beta.1-1)             OK
 ncl                     (6.4.0-4)                    FTBFS (#890608)
 openorienteering-mapper (0.7.0-1)                    FTBFS (#876934)
 pdal                    (1.6.0-1)                    OK
 postgis                 (2.4.3+dfsg-2)               FTBFS (#889981)
 qlandkartegt            (1.8.1+ds-8)                 OK
 qmapshack               (1.10.0-1)                   OK
 saga                    (2.3.1+dfsg-3)               OK
 sumo                    (0.32.0+dfsg1-1)             OK
 thuban                  (1.2.2-12)                   OK
 vtk6                    (6.3.0+dfsg1-11)             OK
 xastir                  (2.1.0-1)                    OK

 ifrit                   (4.1.2-5)                    OK
 node-mapnik             (3.6.2+dfsg-3)               FTBFS (#889962)
 osm2pgsql               (0.94.0+ds-1)                OK
 python-mapnik           (1:0.0~20170621-0cd7493f2-3) OK
 qgis                    (2.14.22+dfsg-2)             OK
 therion                 (5.4.1ds1-1)                 OK

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