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Re: OSSIM 2.2.0

On 08/24/2017 07:17 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> OSSIM has finally published a new release, but unfortunately in its
> currently form it's unsuitable for inclusion in Debian.
> The most problematic issue the embedded copy of libjsoncpp without an
> option to build with the system provided library. [0]
> The library and the apps cannot be built in the same process any more,
> requiring the library to be available before the apps can be built
> (required at configure). [1] I've disabled building of the apps for now,
> meaning that ossim-core will no longer be provided.
> Finally the changes between 1.8.20-3 and 2.2.0 imply that the license
> was changed from MIT to LGPL, but this is not properly reflected in the
> source. [2]
> Until these issues are resolved the ossim package cannot be updated to 2.x.
> The new ossim release is required for GEOS 3.6, so when osm2pgsql 4.x is
> available and OSSIM 2.x still suffers from these issues I'm likely to
> remove OSSIM from Debian and OTB along with it. For the sake of the
> latter I'd rather not have to take this route, but I don't have a lot of
> faith left in the OSSIM project.
> If you care about OSSIM and/or OTB in Debian, please help resolve these
> issues in OSSIM.
> [0] https://github.com/ossimlabs/ossim/issues/115
> [1] https://github.com/ossimlabs/ossim/issues/114
> [2] https://github.com/ossimlabs/ossim/issues/113

OSSIM 2.2.0 has been released (note: the subject of this thread should
have been 'OSSIM 2.0.0') which contains the fixes for the above issues
thanks to Rashad and others.

Unfortunately OTB 6.2.0 FTBFS with the new ossim packages [3], if OTB
6.4 will contain support for OSSIM 2.2.0 or they no longer require OSSIM
as a dependency, we can move OSSIM 2.2.0 to unstable and finally start
preparing the GEOS 3.6 transition.

[3] https://bugs.orfeo-toolbox.org/view.php?id=1499

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