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NetCDF 4.5.0

NetCDF 4.5.0 has been released and bumps the SOVERSION to 13 requiring a

Only a single package failed to build, and not due to the changes in netcdf:

ovito (2.9.0+dfsg1-2) FTBFS due to an unrelated issue: #878818

We should be good to go for this transition. Details of the rebuilds follow.

Transition: netcdf

 libnetcdf11 (1: -> libnetcdf13 (1:4.5.0-1~exp1)

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 adios              (1.12.0-4)            OK
 cmor               (3.2.7-2)             OK
 dx                 (1:4.4.4-10)          OK
 eccodes            (2.5.0-2)             OK
 exodusii           (6.02.dfsg.1-8)       OK
 ffmpeg             (7:3.3.4-2)           OK
 gdal               (2.2.2+dfsg-2)        OK
 grace              (1:5.1.25-5)          OK
 grads              (3:2.1.1.b0-1)        OK
 gri                (2.12.26-1)           OK
 grib-api           (1.24.0-2)            OK
 labplot            (2.4.0-1)             OK
 libminc            (2.3.00-3.1)          OK
 libpdl-netcdf-perl (4.20-5)              OK
 nco                (4.6.9-1)             OK
 ncview             (2.1.8+ds-1)          OK
 netcdf-cxx         (4.3.0+ds-4)          OK
 netcdf-cxx-legacy  (4.2-7)               OK
 netcdf-fortran     (4.4.4+ds-2)          OK
 netcdf4-python     (1.3.0-1)             OK
 octave-netcdf      (1.0.11-1)            OK
 r-cran-ncdf4       (1.16-1)              OK
 r-cran-rnetcdf     (1.8-2-1)             OK
 ruby-netcdf        (0.7.2-1)             OK
 v-sim              (3.7.2-4)             OK

 cdftools           (3.0-2~exp1.1)        OK
 etsf-io            (1.0.4-1.1)           OK
 ferret-vis         (7.2-1)               OK
 gmt                (5.4.2+dfsg-1)        OK
 gnudatalanguage    (0.9.7-4)             OK
 grass              (7.2.2-1)             OK
 magics++           (2.34.3-2)            OK
 minc-tools         (2.3.00+dfsg-1.1)     OK
 ncl                (6.4.0-4)             OK
 oasis3             (3.mct+dfsg.121022-9) OK
 ovito              (2.9.0+dfsg1-2)       FTBFS (#878818)
 paraview           (5.4.1+dfsg3-1)       OK
 python-escript     (5.0-4)               OK
 vtk6               (6.3.0+dfsg1-10)      OK

 cdo                (1.9.1+dfsg.1-1)      OK
 ifrit              (4.1.2-5)             OK
 metview            (4.8.7-2)             OK
 pyferret           (7.2-1)               OK

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