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My status in Debian

Hi Bas (& rest of the team),

I know I have not been very active in the GIS Team in the last year or
so. That is due to a busy life, but also because what Debian work I do
do, is in other teams (javascript & python), working on dependencies for
packages in the GIS team. I also work on Ubuntu Studio, and therefore
try and help out upstream in the Debian Multimedia Team.

Anyway, one of my other sponsors has stated a few times when I have
asked for DM rights for something, that maybe it was time to step up to
DD status.

I am in no hurry (probably would aim to take the plunge towards the
middle of the year). And I wouldn't do it until there was wider support
for that. So any words of encouragement, or any suggestions of things
that you would like to see from me before you would endorse me are
welcome (here or in private).



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