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GDAL 2.1.3

GDAL 2.1.3 has been released. Because of the transition freeze it will
only be available in experimental. By the time stretch is released we
can likely start a transition to a later release.

In libgdal-grass (2.1.1-2~exp1) the libgdal-grass metapackage was added
to assist in upgrades to newer revisions of the version specific binary
package (e.g. libgdal20-2.1.1-grass). The gdal-bin package was also
updated to suggest the libgdal-grass package at that time.

Starting with libgdal-grass (2.1.3~rc1-1~exp2) the version specific
binary package has been dropped and the libgdal-grass binary package now
contains the {gdal,ogr}_GRASS.so libraries and is no longer a metapackage.

The version specific package name was a historical artefact that doesn't
make much sense any more.

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