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Re: libosmium and protozero

On 2016-11-15 10:32, Jochen Topf wrote:
I think I have fixed these issues:

I have also fixed an issue in protozero (in master).


I am doing some last checks and will then release a new version of
protozero and libosmium (using that newest version of protozero).

Bas: Do you want to do some checks before I release the new versions?

Not necessarily before the release, as I can only test the libosmium/osmium-tool combination for i386 on my own systems.

I will upload the fixed libosmium release to experimental first to allow testing of the osmium-tool builds on the porterboxes of the architectures where the build failed (specifically the big endian ones). Unfortunately we can't install packages from outside the archive in the chroots on the porterboxes, so I'll need to have the fixed libosmium in the archive before osmium-tool builds can be tested.

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