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Re: Plans for OpenSceneGraph 3.4

Hi Bas,

[dropping individual addresses and adding our packaging mailing list]

Sebastiaan Couwenberg writes:

> Dear OpenSceneGraph maintainers,
> What are your plans for OpenSceneGraph 3.4? Do you intend to have it
> included in stretch alongside OpenSceneGraph 3.2 or instead of or not
> included in stretch at all?

Our original intent was to release both 3.2 (already present in stable)
and 3.4.

> The upcoming osgEarth 2.8 release (whose release candidates are
> available in experimental) has bumped the minimum required OSG version
> to 3.4 which leaves experimental as the only place to upload the
> packages as long as OSG 3.4 is not in unstable.

We did not move 3.4 to unstable because 3.6 was announced to be released
at the end of July, but somehow it has been delayed.  We intended to
package 3.6 in stretch.

> If you intend to include OSG 3.4 instead of 3.2 in stretch, we need to
> investigate compatibility with 3.4 in its reverse dependencies. If not
> we can leave things as they are.

I am certainly interested on aiding osgEarth to be updgraded to newer
versions.  Maybe we can test the current developer (OSG-unstable)
release 3.5.4.



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