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libgeotiff 1.4.2

libgeotiff 1.4.2 has been released recently and we've had it in Debian
unstable since shortly after its release.

All reverse dependencies rebuilt successfully with RC2, except libLAS
which was quickly patched:


Today Chris Lamb reported that librasterlite2 failed to build (#836308),
which turned out to be caused by changes in libgeotiff 1.4.2-RC4 to fix
build issues on Windows. The includes in
geotiff.h & cpl_serv.h where changed from:

 #include "geo_config.h"


 #include <geo_config.h>

Which breaks with the custom include path (/usr/include/geotiff) used
for the Debian package.

Even Rouault has as always been an awesome upstream to work with, and
quickly fixed this issue by reverting back to #include "geo_config.h"
after discussing this issue on GeoTIFF list:


I've included the changes as patch in the libgeotiff-dfsg package, which
will be available in unstable soon. At the same time I've done another
round of rebuilds to check if other reverse dependencies are affected by
this issue too.

Fortunately only librasterlite2 seems to be affected by this issue in

grads (2:2.1.a3-3) FTBFS because it lacks support for libdap 3.18.0, but
it is not affected by the issue in libgeotiff.

vxl (1.17.0.dfsg2-4) FTBFS due to incompatibility with recent GCC
version as reported in #831126, but since it uses CMake it shouldn't be
affected by the issue in libgeotiff.

otb (5.6.1+dfsg-1) initially FTBFS due to Test GDAL_VERSION failing,
which was caused gdal not having been rebuilt with libdap (3.18.0-2)
yet. The second built with the rebuilt gdal succeeded as expected, otb
is not affected by the issue in libgeotiff because it uses CMake.

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 gdal            (2.1.1+dfsg-1)       OK
 grads           (2:2.1.a3-3)         FTBFS
 librasterlite2  (1.0.0~rc0+devel1-4) OK
 libterralib     (4.3.0+dfsg.2-9)     OK
 ossim           (      OK
 vxl             (1.17.0.dfsg2-4)     FTBFS

 liblas          (1.8.1-2)            OK
 magics++        (2.29.2-1)           OK
 otb             (5.6.1+dfsg-1)       OK
 pdal            (1.2.0-6)            OK
 xastir          (2.0.8-2)            OK

 grass           (7.0.4-3)            OK
 metview         (4.6.7-1)            OK

Kind Regards,


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