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Re: PROJ.4 4.9.3

On 08/17/16 18:58, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
Based on the results of the rebuilds with RC1 only gpx2shp needs changes
to for compatibility (a patch is already in the works), the other build
failures were not related to the proj update, but do need to be dealt
with before the transition.


gpx2shp (0.71.0-3) FTBFS because some PI defines have been renamed in

The patch has been finalized and is included in gpx2shp (0.71.0-4) which I've uploaded to unstable. The patch has been forwarded upstream:


magics++ (2.29.2-1) & metview (4.6.7-1) FTBFS due to a configure issue
with grib-api:

The grib-api issue has been reported in #834634.

mapnik (3.0.11+ds-1) FTBFS due to the lack of support for Boost 1.61
(#833756), but mapnik (3.0.12~rc3+ds-1~exp1) built just fine.

Mapnik 3.0.12 from experimental will be moved to unstable soon, at least before the automatic testing removal, hopefully the final release has been published before then as I still prefer to not have pre-releases in unstable as discussed in the recent bugreports:


ncl (6.3.0-9) FTBFS due to a configure issue:

This was trivial to patch, and the fixed package built successfully with proj (4.9.3~rc1+ds-1~exp1). The issue has been reported in #834640 along with the patch.

thuban (1.2.2-11) cannot be built because it's build dependencies are

 tex4ht : Depends: texlive-htmlxml (>= 2016.20160814) but
 2016.20160805-1 is to be installed

Helmut Grohne reported this issue in #834616.

The bugreports for issues blocking the upcoming proj transition can be queried via the usertag:


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