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Re: josm and libsvgsalamander-java

On 08/13/16 20:32, Felix Natter wrote:
Sebastiaan Couwenberg writes:
The JOSM maintainers reported that SVG Salamander 1.1.0 has been released.

Do you plan to update the Debian package with the new release in the
near future?

I have just updated it. I did not test with JOSM, but I think the only
major changes were:

- c1237623fba997fb9d9053d6aafdf3b93a22cd1a: XMLReaderFactory fix for

- 5e363d04ecb568c6bb1f0c3a4049e2716890ed0a: remove embedded batik

Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

The changes triggered by the JOSM maintainers were my primary interest.

The next JOSM tested snapshot has the embedded copy updated to 1.1.0, so this is good timing.

If you do, you may want to consider changing the Homepage to GitHub too,
since the release 1.0.0 mentioned moving away from the java.net hosting,
leading me to suspect the other services java.net provided won't be used
either (the mailinglists are pretty dormant for example).

Where do you find a reference to java.net in the package? I thought
I had changed everything to github.

The Homepage URL in debian/control still points to java.net:

Because the v1.0.0 release announcement mentioned the move away from java.net, removing references to it from the package seems like a good idea:

 Today I'm finally releasing version 1.0 of SVG Salamander. It's been a
 long time in coming and this release is really just a rebranding of
 the previous svn/release-2.0. The motivation for this is the migration
 of the SVG Salamander project from it's old java.net repository to
 Github. It should also help to standardize all future development.


Your thread on the users mailinglist show that the lists are not entirely abandoned yet (and it's a feature not provided by GitHub), so we may want to keep some references to the java.net project site for the time being.

Because libsvgsalamander-java is a dependency of JOSM I'm happy to
sponsor uploads for it in the future too. I'd like to keep the version
close to the copy JOSM upstream includes for their builds.

I think it makes sense for you to do this so that you don't have to wait
for me. However, if you have a high workload, you can always ask me to
update it :-)

I maintain too many packages already without active co-maintainers, so I'd prefer to not add another one when it does have an active maintainer. I'm happy to help out on the side when I can (currently I have significantly more time for Debian, but won't last), and will remain available for sponsoring.

As a start I've pushed a few changes to improve the upstream metadata, and I'll sponsor the upload tomorrow after 1.0.0 has migrated to testing.

Kind Regards,


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