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Team policy update: git workflow for backports

I had intended to work on the Debian GIS policy to document the git
workflow for backports (proper backports for jessie-backports, and
rebuilds for UbuntuGIS & OSGeo-Live) during DebCamp & DebConf.

While I didn't travel to Cape Town to attend the events, I did sit down
to finish this documentation that started some time ago.

Please have a look at the new 'Backports with Git' section in the Debian
GIS Policy:


It's an adaptation of the 'Packaging walkthrough' section documenting
the workflow specific for backports. It also explicitly documents the
variations for UbuntuGIS and OSGeo-Live backports.

It may be worthwhile to document the procedure to setup a staging PPA
for easy copying of the packages into the UbuntuGIS & OSGeo-Live PPAs by
their respective admins.

What do you think about the new backports documentation, and what can or
should we improve or expand upon?

Kind Regards,


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