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Re: Request for a backport of Grass 7

On 04/20/2016 06:23 PM, Prototron wrote:
> That would be nice to have a backport of Grass 7 available on Debian
> Jessie.

As discussed on IRC, I'll consider it if there are more users who have a
need for GRASS 7 backports.

I know of at least one other like users of the GRASS 7 backport,
Francesco asked if anybody had tried to build GRASS 7 on jessie not too
long ago.

I'd like to hear from others if they'd also like to have GRASS 7
available in jessie-backports.

A complication factor to grass backports is that QGIS 2.8 in
jessie-backports only supports GRASS 6, so QGIS users won't benefit from
the GRASS 7 backport until >= 2.14 find its way into jessie-backports.

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