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Re: NetCDF 4.4.1 and HDF5 1.10.0

In related work, I've been preparing co-installable netcdf (serial, mpi,
on the branch dev-coinstallable.

It still needs more testing (especially symbols lists), and to be merged
with 4.4.1 changes;
it would not require a transition except that it renames :
libnetcdf11 -> libnetcdf-11

because other packages have:
libnetcdf-mpi-11 (linked against default mpi, typically openmpi)

I switched to this convention because other mpi-related packages do so, eg.

I suspect this is because the mpi variant may also have a version number
included, eg.

I'm not fixated on this namechange either way, what does everyone think?
If we were to go with the name change, this would be a good time to do it.


On 17/04/2016 10:50, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> NetCDF 4.4.1-rc1 was released two days ago and is the first release
> which will write backwards-compatible netCDF4 files properly when linked
> against HDF5 1.10.0. [0]
> Since both NetCDF 4.4.1 and HDF5 1.10.0 are in NEW, and will require a
> transition in unstable, it's probably best to transition to NetCDF 4.4.1
> before starting the transition to HDF5 1.10.0, otherwise we'll have a
> netcdf/hdf5 combination in Debian (and possibly synced into Ubuntu) that
> creates backwards-incompatible files in the time until the netcdf
> transition is started.
> Gilles, what are your thoughts about this?
> [0] https://github.com/Unidata/netcdf-c/issues/250
> Kind Regards,
> Bas
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