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Re: grass: missing build dependency

On 2016-04-04 16:57, Martin Landa wrote:
Generating dependency graph for directory vedit
sh: 1: latex: not found
error: Problems running latex. Check your installation or look for
typos in _formulas.tex and check _formulas.log!
sh: 1: dvips: not found
error: Problems running dvips. Check your installation!

it seems to me that there is missing dependency `texlive-latex-base`
and `texlive-binaries`, or am I wrong?

This is most likely caused by new defaults in the software generating the documentation.

If it's only used for the dev docs, I advise agaist adding it. The dev docs are seldom installed, and texlive is a huge dependency.

I've not received reports from users requesting PDF of DVI docs, so I'm not inclined to treat this as an issue that needs to be addressed.

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