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Re: backports

On 03-09-15 12:04, Sven Geggus wrote:
> as my original target for sfcgal was actually debian stable I currently use
> a custom backport.
> What would I need to do to make this official.
> Unfortunately
> http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/policy/packaging.html#backports is very
> short.
> Is creating a branch and re-building the package good-enough?

For the packaging in git this should be sufficient. You need to update
branch in gbp.conf and Vcs-Git URL to use the jessie-backports branch.
Also remember to push your jessie-backports branch and use
--set-upstream to track changes in the repository on Alioth.

For the backport you need to read up on the documentation:


Since you're not a DM or DD, you can't upload to backports yourself (for
which you need to be added to the backports ACL), so you need to have
your backports sponsored just like your uploads targetting unstable.
I've been added to the backports ACL so I can sponsor your backports too.

The big difference for backports is that you need to build them in a
jessie chroot (using the --git-dist=jessie gbp option), if your
backports requires backported build dependencies you need to create a
separate jessie-backports chroot and use --git-dist=jessie-backports,
this doesn't seem the case for sfcgal.

Using plain cowbuilder to create a jessie-backports chroots can be
akward if you need to add the backports sources yourself when
debootstrap doesn't do this for you. You can also use git-pbuilder to
create the chroot:

 DIST=jessie-backports ARCH=amd64 git-pbuilder create

When building the package for jessie-backports you need to create the
changelog with `dch --bpo`, and specify the last version of the package
in jessie or jessie-backports with -v, e.g.:

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=3" gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder
--git-dist=jessie-backports -v1.1.0-1

For backports it's important to have not only the last changelog entry
for the backport itself, but also all changes since the last version in
stable. If there was no version in stable yet, you use the initial
version in the changelog.

Kind Regards,


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