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Re: openstreetmap-carto broken in testing and unstable

On 08-08-15 17:59, Christopher Baines wrote:
> I have been trying to update the openstreetmap-carto package, but I am
> not even sure that the current version works in unstable and testing.
> I think this is due to the change to mapnik 3. The upstream repository
> suggests that the style does not work with mapnik 3, and it does not
> seem to work for me yet (I have been having problems with loading fonts).
> What needs doing now?

Get openstreetmap-carto upstream to support Mapnik 3 for starters.

> Also, how can this be prevented from happening in the future?

Not uploading a new major release directly to unstable but going
throught experimental first so all reverse dependencies can be verified
before breaking everything in unstable.

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