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FreeXL 1.0.2 - multiplication overflow on 32 bit platforms

Dear Security Team,

FreeXL 1.0.2 was released yesterday, it fixes a recently discovered
security issue. To quote the release announcement:

 RedHat maintainers recently discovered a potential security breach
 caused by the current version of FreeXL.

 This issue is not very like to happen under ordinary conditions, anyway
 a purposely forged XLS document could effectively cause a
 multiplication overflow on 32 bit platforms, and this in turn will
 subsequently cause a dangerous crash due to an incorrectly sized
 memory allocation.
 freexl-1.0.2 definitely fixes the issue.


I've uploaded freexl (1.0.2-1) to unstable today, and I've backported
the fix to freexl (1.0.0g-1+deb8u2) and freexl (1.0.0b-1+deb7u2) for
jessie & wheezy respectively. The changes are available in git:


Are these OK to upload?

Kind Regards,


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