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Re: Please do not forget to mention Debian GIS in release notes [was: Bug#782695: release-notes: please add news from Debian Med to release notes]

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your consideration.

> I'd consider mentioning Debian GIS in release notes as quite important.
> Feel free to follow the example bug report (and press thumbs that it is
> not yet to late).

I don't know what we could mention to justify an entry in the release notes.

Not much has happened since wheezy, except that most of the packages were
updated. This is not notable by itself, because it's expected in a new
stable release. Initially many of the GIS package had the same version in
stable, testing & unstable, that's fortunately no longer the case.

For jessie I'm considering actively providing backports, but I've not
committed to this yet. If I had, it could be noteworthy. At the moment I
don't expect backports to be very viable due to dependency constraints.

I expect the stretch release to have more noteworthy Debian GIS changes
with GDAL 2.0, the next QGIS LTR, new OSM related packages, etc.

Kind Regards,


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