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Re: osmcoastline-doc package

On 03/17/2015 03:17 PM, Jochen Topf wrote:
> Working my way through the packages... I wonder if the osmcoastline-doc package
> is really needed. OSMCoastline is a set of command line tools and its use is
> documented in manpages included in the osmcoastline package. The
> osmcoastline-doc package contains the Doxygen-generated sourcecode
> documentation which is only useful for somebody working on osmcoastline source.
> And because the documentation in the source code is lacking even that
> documentation isn't that useful. I think we can live without that package, it
> will only confuse users of the command line tools who might think they get some
> use out of it.

The case for dropping the osmcoastline-doc package seems pretty clear.
Please go ahead if you'd like to make these changes.

Regarding the man pages I was a little disappointed that I had to create
the man pages instead of using the man pages built from the upstream
source like osmium-tool.

Please consider including man pages in OSMCoastline itself so we can
drop this Debian specific change.

Kind Regards,


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