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Adding packages to Blends tasks

Hi Johan,

Replying to your comments from IRC on the lists since you're not online
right now, and this is also useful for others in the team.

21:04 < johanvdw> sebastic: I packaged yet another python library:
python-geojson :-)
21:04 < johanvdw> I was checking out the blends task, and I wonder if we
should not move some of these packages from workstation to devel
21:05 < johanvdw> eg cligj is only relevant to developers
21:05 < johanvdw> (and as a dependency for new versions of rasterio/fiona)
21:14 < johanvdw> seems i have insufficient privileges to add it anyway

I've moved python-cligj from the workstation task to the devel task, and
I've added python-geojson to the devel task too.

I encourage you and others in the team to also join the Blends team on
Alioth which will allow you to commit to the blends git repository:


The workstation task currently contains most packages, both programs and
their dependencies. If a package is only of interest to developers the
devel task is a good choice too, it's not only for -dev packages. :)

In the longer term I'd like to add some language specific devel tasks
like devel-python, devel-perl, devel-java, etc. to get some more
targeted tasks and resulting metapackages.

Kind Regards,


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