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Re: Status of epr-api

Hi Ross,

Il 09/01/2015 21:54, Ross Gammon ha scritto:
> Hi Antonio,
> I hope you don't mind, but I happened to click onto the PTS page 
> for epr-api and noticed a problem with the watch file, so I pushed 
> a fix.

please, you are welcome

> I can see from the unreleased changelog that you have done quite a 
> big packaging tidy up (on a snapsot of the current development 
> state). Are you waiting to do a new release upstream before 
> uploading in Debian?
> Regards,
> Ross

No, I prepared the package for epr-api, and also for pyepr, for the
upload and asked for a sponsorship on the developers mailing list [1].

Unfortunately no I had no luck.

If you (or some oder DD) are willing to sponsor the upload I can
refresh the packages and prepare them for a new upload.

Please let me know.



Antonio Valentino

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