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Sponsoring of Debian GIS packages

Dear DDs in the Debian GIS team,

With Andreas Tille and his Sponsoring of Blends initiative being
unavailable until 2014-12-05, there are several packages of the Debian
GIS team that need someone else to sponsor the upload.

Are any of you willing to sponsor one or more of the pending uploads?

Debian GIS packages needing sponsorship:

 #770521: RFS: rasterio/0.15.1-1 [ITP]
 #770875: RFS: saga/2.1.4+dfsg-1
 #771006: RFS: libgeotiff-dfsg/1.4.1-1~exp1
 #771007: RFS: libgeotiff-epsg/1.4.1-1~exp1
 #771013: RFS: proj-rdnap/2008-1 [ITP]
 #771346: RFS: pprepair/0.0~20140611-c70373b-1 [ITP]
 #771347: RFS: prepair/0.7-1 [ITP]
 #771350: RFS: spatialite/4.2.1~rc1-1~exp1
 #771351: RFS: spatialite-tools/4.2.1~rc1-1
 #771353: RFS: librasterlite2/1.0.0~rc0-1~exp1 [ITP]
 #771357: RFS: librewms/1.0.0a-1~exp1 [ITP]

Kind Regards,


 GPG Key ID: 4096R/E88D4AF1
Fingerprint: 8182 DE41 7056 408D 6146  50D1 6750 F10A E88D 4AF1

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