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Packaging non-free datumgrids for PROJ.4

Hi all,

The Dutch Kadaster has recently publish their official datum correction
grid to better support to transformation between the RD and RD/NAP
projections and ETRS89. It was discussed on the Dutch OSGeo mailinglist
in the thread starting at:


Unfortunately the license for the NTv2 & VDatum files is problematic,
not an uncommon for other national government datum files either. It has
similar restrictions as the EPSG dataset, only allowing modification of
correction values to a certain extent for instance. The license further
requires that the correct implementation of the grid corrections are

The issues around this datum grid are documented in the README.Debian
for the package I've created:


I'd like to upload this proj-rdnap package to non-free so users don't
need to get it from a 3rd party repository, or jump through the
registration hoops to install it manually.

But I'd like to hear your opinion about packaging non-free datumgrids
for PROJ.4 first.

Maybe the non-free restrictions are sufficient to not even have the git
repository on Alioth, or other reasons to not consider uploading to

Kind Regards,


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