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Re: Status of GDAL

> i was trying to load shape files to pgsql using shp2pgsql command but it
> is
> generating errors and GUI of same is not supported by Ubuntu 14.04.
> Please correct me if i am wrong

I don't use Ubuntu, so I also don't use the UbuntuGIS repository. I have a
VM for testing purposes, but my focus in on Debian.

That being said, shp2psql is part of postgis and it's possible that
postgis wasn't rebuild to use gdal 1.11.0 in the UbuntuGIS PPA. AFAIK
Jerome has rebuild many packages for UbuntuGIS to use GDAL 1.11.0.

Do you use postgis from the UbuntuGIS PPA, the postgis in Ubuntu itself,
or from PostgreSQL APT repository?

Attaching a logfile with the output, the shape file you use, the exact
commandline invoking sh2pgsql, and the package versions of postgres,
postgis and gdal are required to attempt to reproduce your issue.

Kind Regards,


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