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Re: OpenStreetMap Software

Hi Jochen,

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 08:56:01AM +0100, Jochen Topf wrote:
> > I'm just downloading the data I usually process with mkgmap and will try
> > to finalise the package.  BTW, since you are now a member of the Debian
> > GIS tea feel free to commit directly and if you like put yourself as
> > Uploader of the package.
> I have committed my changes. Not sure about the docs, though. Maybe docs
> should be added only in built form? There is a Makefile in doc/styles.

Yes.  We should rather build the docs as html.  Would you volunteer to
do this?
> How does it work when there is a new upstream version?

I just realised that the debian/watch file is broken and does not report
the latest upstream version. :-(  (At least at the time I was injecting
the code it was working.)  If you have no idea how to fix a watch file I
can try to fix it.

> Is the "upstream" branch updated automatically?


> I am still unclear about the differences
> between "upstream" and "pristine-tar".

The upstream branch contains the files contained in the upstream
tarball.  The pristine-tar branch is only metadata created by
pristine-tar (see `man pristine-tar`) to be able to recreate a md5sum
identical tarball as it was imported.  You might be aware that you
do not get the very same byte-identical file if you untar a tarball
and tar it again.  The use of pristine-tar does help here.

You do not need to deal with any of the two branches manually since
both are automatically when using

   git import-orig --pristine-tar <orig_tarball>

If something remains unclear please have another look into the Debian
GIS policy (and for sure if the policy document does not reflect what I
wrote above please suggest an enhancement to help other newcomers).

> Maybe somebody can explain this
> to me.

Hope this helps



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