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Re: libspatialite3 deps


On Mo, Mär 03, 2014 at 10:02:08 +0100, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> I noticed that qgis packages, as well as many others, depend on
> libspatialite3 (spatialite 3) instead of libspatialite5 (spatialite 4):
> is there a reason not to switch to the much more modern spatialite
> version? This would be important, because other distros use the new one,
> and much of the work done will not be compatible across versions.
> Thanks.

File format changed between spatialite versions. Newer versions can read
the old version, but not create it. At some point I ran into a problem
because I could not create and old db version any more, but needed it for
some old piece of software.

All this being said, I think the only way forward is to switch everything
over to the new version...

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