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osgEarth 2.5


As you may have seen on pkg-grass-devel@, I've pushed the packaging for
osgEarth 2.5 to Alioth. While not a radical change from osgEarth 2.4,
the were too many symbols removed that I deemed a SONAME bump appropriate.

QGIS is the only reverse dependency of osgEarth currently. Since qgis
2.0.1-2 was only accepted into unstable yesterday, uploading osgEarth
2.5 right now seems a bit early.

I'd like to wait for the pending qgis builds before considering
requesting sponsorship of osgEarth 2.5. When all pending builds have
succeeded, then will be a good time to upload osgEarth 2.5, and to
request the BinNMU of qgis from the Release Team shortly thereafter
(assuming no FTBFSes of osgEarth occur on the ports).

There are some unreleased changes for qgis in git already, so a new
upload is an option too. But the changes only fix minor issues, so I
prefer doing a BinNMU only for now.

QGIS 2.2 should be released soon, that will be a great time for a new
upload of QGIS.

Kind Regards,


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