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Re: RFS: jmapviewer/1.02+dfsg1-1 [ITP]

Hi Felix,

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 07:27:50PM +0200, Felix Natter wrote:
> > This script realises the (manually installed) new uscan and if it does
> > not exist it does some work to create the real source tarball.  My
> > suggestion would have been a one-liner in debian/copyright which is
> > quite less work for you and should work in the future stable release
> > Jessy ... which is at the same time the first stable release with
> > jmapviewer.  This might be somehow consistent while creating the least
> > work on your side.
> Ok, I have added support for Files-Excluded:, and it works with the latest
> master uscan from your repository.


> BTW: Files-Excluded: is nice because it's
> easy (declarative) and because it's clearly documented in the package
> which files have been removed and it's automatic, so cheers for the
> effort :-)

Many thanks. :-)
So I hope you do not mind if I (mis)use my sponsors power to draw you
into using (and liking) it. ;-)  Making it easy and declarative was
the main point behind this effort - I hope it will become official in
the not so distant future.

> => since jmapviewer has an upstream ant build system, I am using that
> with debhelper. dh automatically detects that there is an ant build
> system (build.xml) and does the right thing.

OK, that's fine for me.  The good thing about sponsoring is that you
can always learn from people who recently have read the docs. ;-)
> > At least I formyself am using it in any of my java packages quite
> > successfully.
> I guess you are maintaining packages without a build system then (or you
> are ignoring the build system) :-)

Whatever I technically do it creates working and lintian clean packages
the way as I was copying some example in the beginning.  Since I like
the ${java:Depends} solution I leave my packages as they are but in
your case it is fine for sure.

So I just uploaded the package and hope it will pass new soon.

Thanks for your preparation



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