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Re: OpenStreetMap tile rendering stack in debian-gis

Andreas wrote:
> ... as long as they do not get used to this sandbox model
> and grow up to use real Debian package.  I somehow have the
> impression that people consider their work finished once some
> software ended up in some random PPA.

I'm sure there is some truth in that. "Get it out there and
move on to the next thing" is a bit of a common theme in
modern business, academia, etc. ... not sure what we can do
about it.

> > but that's not really the point or the target audience.
> Hmmm, who exactly is your target audience?

not my target audience per se; the target audience of devs who
host with PPAs.

i.e. 'the point' is for any layman to get a package publicly
hosted in a mostly organized way, and the 'target audience' is
home users & recent converts from other mainstream OSs
where the norm is to download some random installer from
the internet and click the button. Or just anyone who wants
to participate in the bazaar really, Ubuntu puts a huge focus
on lowering barriers to entry. The collateral damage of that
is sometimes swallowing some bitter compromises..

> We should talk about these scripts once all the
> precondistions are inside Debian.

there's not much to talk about, they're there, look at them
as they interest you, or if not, don't.


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