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Re: gpsdrive: FTBFS: mapnik.cpp:33:15: error: 'mapnik::Image32' has not,

David Paleino wrote:
> If the problem is only Mapnik, I can give a hand
> porting it. Usually it's easy :)

thanks! the mapnik bit of the code is here:

the patch tracker is here:

> > fwiw the 300-500mb OpenStreetMap world coastline
> > packages used for Mapnik support are not
> > uploaded to Debian-official, but can be swapped
> > out for the much smaller Natural Earth global
> > coastline shape-files (which are licensed
> > in the public domain and would be nice to have
> > as an official debian package).
> I'm already planning to package both OSM world
> coastline

note that Joerg has already done this:

not sure exactly where the control files for that
are, but they'll be around.

> and various Natural Earth shapefiles. They can be
> handy for TileMill too (see ITP #644767)

looks neat.

beware that not all of the Natural Earth shapefiles
are topologically clean so are mainly useful/
intended for visual rendering purposes only.
fwiw this is our current (ubuntu) solution for
loading the Natural Earth data onto the OSGeo Live
demo DVD:


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