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Re: gpsdrive: FTBFS: mapnik.cpp:33:15: error: 'mapnik::Image32' has not,

Hamish wrote:
> > by the way, updated 2.11 packages for GpsDrive
> > are available from www.gpsdrive.de for debian
> > releases, and
> >  http://download.osgeo.org/livedvd/data/gpsdrive/ for
> > Ubuntu releases. If anyone wants a copy built
> > for Squeeze with full Mapnik+PostGIS OSM
> > support just send me an email.

Francesco wrote:
> I did not check lately but it seems packages there
> are missing source which is a pity: we need to
> provide a source package in main from scratch
> currently.

I guess you mean Joerg's repo + build cluster:

official source for version 2.11 is here:

very slightly updated svn version I used in my
osgeo packages were built using this script & the
tarball listed within:

This package needs a little work, but is in much
(much) better shape than what's currently in the
official debian archives, and the task is made
simpler by temporarily switching off all the Mapnik
0.7 + PostGIS stuff.

fwiw the 300-500mb OpenStreetMap world coastline
packages used for Mapnik support are not uploaded
to Debian-official, but can be swapped out for the
much smaller Natural Earth global coastline shape-
files (which are licensed in the public domain and
would be nice to have as an official debian
package).  see the above osgeo script for swapping
out the filenames in the master Mapnik XML rendering
rules file.


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