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Re: [DebianGIS] help with dpatch

Hi Paul, thanks for the tips, will churn through them a bit later,

> > [* ITP: http://bugs.debian.org/538067   a new version has been
> > released since that initial report (2.1.0), solving all(??) of the
> > problems raised by the mentor and the current debiangis alioth svn
> > is now targeted against the new 2.1.624a (2.1.svn rev 624~a) version]
> Presumably you mean the comments Nicolas Alvarez and myself
> posted in this thread?
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2010/02/threads.html#00098

actually no, I had not seen that thread before. The thread I was talking
about was mainly to do with many files from 3rd parties without copyright
headers or unclear licenses. AFAIK those have now all be audited and
resolved upstream for this new release.

I just tried with "lintian package.deb", will try will full command line
opts from that thread tomorrow, and pull out the exact warning messages
from the shlibs dep tree scan.

> If so, awesome! I'll try to take a look next weekend, though a
> reminder RFS here or on -mentors would be helpful.


(hard work was 90% Anton's)


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