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Re: [DebianGIS] Ping: Changes in Debian GIS Blend stuff

> my mail[1] to pkg-grass-devel about more or less highjacking
> their (orphaned) prepearation for metapackages in the Blends
> style did not triggered any response.

sorry, I missed the earlier email.

the blends pages look nice, thanks for setting it up. I had not
really heard of it much before now. If I may ask, how is this
different than the old -tasks metapackages beyond now with extra
bling? why can we expect them to be any more successful?
(I'll admit to still thinking about them as they were back in
the dselect days)

> The good news is that obviosely nobody is against my action
> and so I consider the move of the GIS Blends stuff to
>   svn://svn.debian.org/blends/projects/gis
> as accepted. 

Add whatever new work you like- please do not slow down, but
kindly do not assume so much about other people's work and
interest after a single unanswered email!

> IMHO it would be a good idea to remove the old stuff from
> pkg-grass SVN and possibly set a svn:external property for
> those who might wonder what happened.

Do not do remove it, just add a README.Blends file or so pointing
to and explaining your Blends efforts.

Currently a number of the DebianGIS team are upstream maintainers
helping out and not DDs, with access to the svn via $username-
guest and alioth gforge group. I take it they(we) will be locked
out if the -task is moved to the blends svn area?

Currently the mainly maintained thing is the package list in the
DebianGis wiki.

(about to head out to sea again for a few weeks, != apathy)

ps- check out http://live.osgeo.org

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