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[DebianGIS] OpenDAP/DODS support

Dear community,

I am an R user and would like to develop an R application that is able to access
OpenDAP datasets through R. The only feasible way of achieving this, as for
now, seems to be through the OpenDAP/DODS driver of GDAL. Right now I use the
UbuntuGIS version of GDAL which has not OpenDAP/DODS support compiled in. I
presume this is so because the decision of not compiling it in was taken here,
in DebianGIS (UbuntuGIS is said to be a mere adaptation of DebianGIS).

Of course I could do the compilation myself and distribute it along with my code
but it would be much better if OpenDAP could be considered as a standart addon
to gdal libraries included in DebianGIS. In that case, people who recieve our
code have only to use UbuntuGIS GDAL binaries and the use of OpenDAP in GDAL is
centralized here...

Any willingness?
keep up the excellent work
Servet Cizmeli

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