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Re: [DebianGIS] sources.list entries for apt

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 5:28 PM, Hamish <hamish_b@yahoo.com> wrote:

> more please :) IMO we need to spell out every step (even if briefly).

Is the backports.org contribute page not enough?

> e.g.a new RC version of GRASS is in testing. I'm using Lenny. What steps
> are needed to get that RC version available as a download for Lenny from
> backports.org? [This is what I don't have a clue about.] I've rebuilt
> the .debs for my release on my personal system (with an unclean mix of
> packages but pinning as suggested).  What next?

Join the Debian project (become a DD) since backports.org only accepts
backports from DDs IIRC. If you are not a DD, ask a DD to rebuild and
upload your already backported package. If you are a DD, do the

Read the backports.org contributions page and do what it says:


Get your key added to the backports.org keyring.

Setup a lenny chroot with pbuilder/cowbuilder and add backports.org to
its sources.list.

Add a deb-src line for testing (not unstable) to your sources.list.
Backports.org strongly suggests only uploading packages already in

apt-get source grass

cd grass-*

dch --bpo

Make any changes needed to build on lenny.

pdebuild --basepath /path/to/lenny/chroot/install

Test the package on a lenny system.

dupload --to bpo grass*.changes

> How to set up a clean qemu build environment. (with Live-helper?)

Download the pre-built images and install any packages needed:


I'd suggest to use pbuilder/cowbuilder or sbuild to build your packages though.

> In addition to howto create "official" backports.org packages, for simple
> DIY jobs, there should be many "apt-get source <package>" +debuild/
> pbuilder/cow etc tutorials out there. Anybody know one good one to link
> to? (probably there is one somewhere at wiki.debian.org already)
> I find that this stuff isn't at all obvious to new users and is
> scattered over many little pages over many years, and I find my
> knowledge of it is much the same.

This one looks ok:


There is also the official pbuilder docs:




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