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[DebianGIS] update GpsDrive package?


a little nudge :)

our version of GpsDrive in sid (2.10pre4) is about 1.5 years old.

There has been many new versions since then, the latest upstream version
(2.10pre7) has been out for some months, solves all open security bugs in
the package, tons of improvements, etc. I'd say we are ready to ship pre8
now but an official release of that may be some months away. (don't be
worried about the -pre version, it's been called like that for years)

All the devs use Debian, and debian/ controls & rules are maintained in
upstream SVN. It builds on everything from Etch to Ubuntu 9.10.. what can
we do to sync upstream custom packaging with our DebianGIS svn and get a
new version uploaded?


--how can I help this along,


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