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Re: [DebianGIS] ncview

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 03:21:25PM +0100, Magnus Hagdorn wrote:
> Hi there,
> I would like to package ncview - a simple netCDF file viewer
> http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~pierce/ncview_home_page.html
> In fact I have already done so and wonder how I can get the package into
> Debian. So I figured this is probably the best place to ask.
> I have created an account on alioth. I have also asked to become a
> member of the Alioth Grass Project. What next?

You got it, you just need to ask for sponsoring and reviewing 
when a package will be ready. Of course usual recommendations
applies, i.e. be familiar with current Debian Policy document
for packaging, read the New Maintainer Guide and so on. In
the meantime feel free to cooperate on other packages too
which can be of your interest.

> As a brief introduction of myself... I have been a Linux user for ages
> (since 1994). I am a scientific software developer and as such into
> scientific data formats such as netCDF, data visualisation and fortran
> and HPC programming. So far I haven't been involved with any
> distributions so I figured it is about time.

Welcome aboard. Better later than never :)

Francesco P. Lovergine

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