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Re: [DebianGIS] HDF4 changes


Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> This implies that we are going to DROP FORTRAN SUPPORT
> (both shared and static) and eventually reintroduce
> it only WHEN the expected Fortran shlib edition will be
> available by upstream, with a well defined interface.

... subjective benchmark; aka don't hold your breath.

> People that need to link the Fotran HDF4 library will have to
> do that themselves.
> This is not of great interest, because
>  - they are very few :)

actually among HDF users probably there are many fortran users,
and it is of significant interest to the modelling community.
(FWIW, I'm a user of this)

FORTRAN continues to be the language of choice for atmospheric
and ocean numerical models*, and among those models HDF is a
rather popular data format and linux a rather popular OS, and
debian/ubuntu are rather popular distros.

[*] As you might guess "climate change modelling" is a somewhat
popular research topic these days.

I am currently away, but when I return to the lab in a few weeks
I will upgrade our modelling workstations/number crunchers to Lenny
and then recompile our models using the updated toolchain. I'll
have a better idea then about our specific needs.

Keep in mind that where DebianGIS goes ubuntu often goes to, which
casts the user net wider. I'll make some inquiries about what's
needed and who needs what WRT fortran+hdf4/5 in the coming weeks.


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