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[DebianGIS] Fw: Re: [GRASS-dev] fixing lintian errors

[fwd from grass-dev]

> Hamish wrote:
> > now that grass 6.4rc3 has been thrown at debain's autobuilders a
> > Lintian hygiene report is available:
> http://lintian.debian.org/maintainer/pkg-grass-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org.html#grass
> > * etc/[dm|gm]/tksys.tcl and etc/gm/animate.tcl not quite sure if they
> > are executable shell scripts or Tcl or some hybrid beast;

> tksys.tcl is a "hybrid" which can be run standalone or "source"d by
> gis.m. It appears that animate.tcl was originally designed to be used
> this way, but the top-level GmAnim::main call at the end of the file
> has been commented out.


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