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[DebianGIS] backporting mapserver

I used to backport mapserver 5.x package for etch from testing or unstable repository for our use.
I did it this way: 	1. Installed libgdal1-dev from backports
		2. downloaded sources from testing or unstable and recompiled
Now the version of gdal in backports is moved to 1.5.2-3 and some dependencies changed. 
Mapserver needs to compile  libgdal1-dev and libcurl3(or 4)-gnutls-dev 

libgdal1-dev(bpo) depends on libcurl3-dev
libcurl3-dev depends on libcurl3-openssl-dev
libcurl3-gnutls-dev conflicts with libcurl3-openssl-dev

So I cant compile mapserver how I used to. Only way was to manually remove dependencies from debian/control file. However it is working,
it's not the way.

How to solve this? BTW: Why there is no mapserver in backports ?


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