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[DebianGIS] Qgis: who's who?

Still no news from people interested in supporting Qgis in Debian.
But for having a debian/ upstream tree we need basically:

 1. Reviewing of that tree in respect with comments by ftpmasters
    && 3.8.0 policy && best practices. 
 2. One or more people in charge in order to follow both upstream 
    development AND Debian policy and modify the debian/ tree as 
    required; follow multi-arch building; providing patches;

Even if I could perform (1) currently, I will not do it until 
other people will not promote officially themselves for (2) and
work on the alioth debian tree, updating it as needed and
generally taking in charge under the eyes of the world the challenge.
Qgis had already in the past a bad mantainance history, we should
avoid a third round like that. Of course, I'm available for sponsoring
uploads when required.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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